Sample Test

You've taken the first step in passing your ASE test by trying our sample tests. Now it's in your hands.
Taking tests

Untimed Tests
Our standard untimed tests give you the time and resources to learn! Each test contains explanations for correct and incorrect answers. This helps you to fully understand the material so that you can apply it to the official ASE test.

Timed Tests
When you think you're about ready to take the official ASE test, try your skills on our timed tests. No other ASE test prep website gives you an experience this close to the official ASE test! Our timed tests do not include the explanations like our untimed tests do. You'll have enough time to thoroughly read the question and give your best answer. There's also time to mark a question for review and come back to it. Like the official ASE test, you have about a minute to answer a question. Our timed tests get you ready for the pressure.

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