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Tech using smartphonePreparing for your ASE tests has never been this easy or effective!
We give you both Unimed and Timed tests at no additional cost. Get stronger on the material with our Untimed tests. Prepare for the pressure and test your knowledge with our Timed tests. No other ASE test preparation website gives you an experience this close to the official ASE test!

Tips for Passing Your ASE Tests the First Time!
The best way to prepare for your tests is to really understand the concepts behind the questions. Our questions deal with specific components, testing and proper diagnosis. Simply memorizing our questions and answers will only prove that you are good at memorization but not so good at knowing and understanding the basis for why an answer is correct. Follow these steps and your chances for success will improve significantly.

Untimed Tests: Start your subscription by taking only untimed tests until you consistently pass with a score of 70% or higher. Study the explanations for correct and incorrect answers for every question and really understand why the incorrect answers provided are not correct. Pass at least 5 untimed tests in a row without failing even one and then you're ready for our timed tests.

Timed Tests: Now that you've mastered our untimed tests, start taking our timed tests until you achieve a passing score of 70% or higher on at least 5 tests in a row without failing even one. If you cannot pass 5 timed tests in a row go back to our untimed tests but now try to pass at least 7 untimed tests in a row before coming back to the timed tests.


Untimed Tests
Each untimed test contains explanations for correct and incorrect answers. These explanations help you fully understand the material so that you can apply it to the real ASE test.
(A5) Untimed Sample Test

Timed Tests
Our timed tests do not include the explanations like our untimed tests do. You'll have enough time to thoroughly read the question and give your best answer. There's also time to mark a question for review and come back to it. Like the real ASE test, you'll have about a minute to answer each question.
(A5) Timed Sample Test

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