No Magician Needed

magic hatSome customers sign-up for our practice tests and spend so little time studying, they end up not passing their ASE test and wonder what happened. There's no magic to our tests and none of the content will just show up in your brain without some effort.

We provide all the material you need to pass an ASE test, but it's up to the customer to put in the necessary time. Completing our Untimed practice tests in an average of only 5 minutes per test is simply not spending enough time. Each of our practice tests are 25 questions long. Spending 5 minutes per test translates to spending 20 seconds per question. Our untimed tests include explanations for correct and incorrect answers. 20 seconds is just not enough time. Fully understanding the explanations is the key to understanding the material enough to pass an ASE test.

Most successful customers usually take about 20-30 minutes to complete an Untimed practice test. That's about a minute to read the question, review the answer choices, answer the question, and then review the explanation. If there is a part of the explanation that the customer doesn't understand, that is the time to do some additional digging via internet search or cracking a book until an understanding is reached.

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