New for Fall 2016


Survey of Our Customers

We recently sent a survey to all of our customers asking what we can do to improve our service. As a result of this survey and using the official ASE task list as a guide, we improved the test questions in the following ways:

  1. Questions are more similarly styled to the ASE test
  2. Questions that are no longer specified by ASE as being covered in the tests have been deleted and replaced with questions that cover the content now specified by ASE.
  3. Added many more diagrams and questions about schematics especially in A6 (Electricity/ Electronics).

Test Writing Teamase_guide_cover

  1. The team at takes the actual ASE tests every year.
  2. The team also downloads the ASE Guide and studies it for what is new, plus what has been removed from the tasks being tested.
  3. Then every summer, the team meets and writes new questions for those that have been deleted from the ASE task list.
  4. These questions are then sent out for a peer review and the team then updates the questions before being posted to our website.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to ensure that our practice tests are the best in the industry; not only with the content of the test questions, but also in the way they are delivered to our customers.

  1. We invest every year in our infrastructure to ensure as much uptime as possible and that our environment is secure from cyber-attacks.
  2. Our customer’s safety and security is second to none when it comes to protecting their personal information.
  3. Our customers are protected with industry standard 256 bit encryption when signing up or logging into their accounts.
  4. We never share or sell our customers personal information to anyone.

Not only do we feel that our tests are the best in the industry, but we back it up with our Guarantee to Pass! (Learn more about the Guarantee by visiting our FAQ's page.)

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