Information Overload

Today, a customer asked us why he didn't pass his A5 test when he took and passed lots of our practice tests. Upon looking at his test results, the one thing became very clear is that he suffered from what we call "Information Overload".

This customer signed-up for a 10-day subscription and then immediately began cramming for his A5 test. He took 15 practice tests the first day. This is not the way we recommend that people use our tests. To put this into perspective, this technician was exposed to 375 test questions in a single day. That's a TON of information.

Conventional logic will tell you that few people, if any, can glean anything useful from this much information being slammed into their heads in one day. It's like the old saying, "You can't eat an elephant in one bite, it takes several small bites".

Our tests do an excellent job at exposing you to just the right amount of information needed to pass an ASE test. We recommend that our customers take 2 Untimed practice tests the first day, then take the next day to simply think about what they learned the previous day. Then on day three, take two more Untimed practice tests and take the next day to think about those tests. Follow this routine for the first two thirds of your subscription time. For the final one third of your subscription time, start taking one or two Timed practice test every day all the way up until you take your ASE certification test. If you are consistently passing all the tests and are truly studying the material in our Untimed tests, you should be ready to take your ASE certification test.

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