How to use our tests to pass your ASE tests

passing mechanicWhenever a customer tells us that they didn't pass their official ASE test, we always investigate all the practice tests they took in order to try to identify a cause. Most times we find that the customer did not take enough untimed practice tests. And, they rushed through the untimed tests they did take.

Our untimed tests not only test your knowledge but they also give you valuable information that helps you put the pieces of the puzzle together to a full understanding of the concepts contained within the section. The untimed tests include full explanations of why an answer is correct but most importantly, they include explanations as to why the incorrect choices are not correct. Once you fully understand all of this information, you will be ready to pass your official ASE tests.

We can see how long it takes a customer to complete a test and for those that have trouble passing their ASE test, we find that they completed a 25 question untimed practice tests in about 5 minutes. That's an average of only 20 seconds per question which is simply not enough time to fully read and understand the question as well as the explanation you are given after answering the question.

To increase your chances of success we suggest the following strategy:

Step 1:

Take our untimed tests until you can pass at least 5 times in a row with at least a 70% score. Take your time to read and understand the explanations at the end of each question. Remember, these are untimed tests so there is no clock counting down. If you don't understand any portion of the question, do some research on the internet until you fully understand.

Step 2:

Take our timed tests until you can pass at least 5 times in a row with at least a 70% score. If you fail even one timed practice test along the way, start the process over from step 1 until you can complete step 1 and step 2 without any failed tests.

Step 3:

Continue to take timed practice tests right up until you take your official ASE test. It doesn't cost any more to take more tests so you might as well use your subscription. Since our tests are designed for any internet connected device, use your smartphone for some last minute studying before walking into the testing center.


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One Response to How to use our tests to pass your ASE tests

  1. David Russell Jacobson says:

    Dear Sirs:
    1) Thank you for the advice re: “different Steps” for the “ASE practice tests,” re: untimed as well as timed varieties.
    2) I am yet studying for the “Advanced Certificate” level at Chicago’s Truman College (AutoTech Department); nevertheless, the “advice” given is very good re: ultimately passing the tests as I’ve wondered “how” to approach this set of tests.
    3) Your recommendation is “excellent” as I comprehend the situation presently (especially as I’ve never taken even one of your “practice” tests at this time, being less than fully ready to take a test).

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