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03 Duramax starting problem

So I have an 03 Duramax with 245k miles. When it starts it runs great. But getting it started has been getting harder and harder. It cranks for a really long time and takes several tries before it starts. Now I can only get it started my a tiny shot of starting fluid in the intake. I've replaced both batteries, glow plugs, fuel filter and housing with new fuel lines up front. Still having a hard time. Any help would be greatly appreciated


It appears that there may be a lack of fuel which could be due to a leak between the fuel tank and the high pressure pump. The Duramax engine does not use a pump inside the fuel tank but instead uses the vacuum from the high pressure pump to draw fuel from tank.


The also have what looks like a radiator right outside the the fuel tank I assume being used as just a cooler. But regardless three that I have seen personally were restricted badly. So much so the vacuum lines suck the fuel out of the tank were collapsing.

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