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Tell us about the car that came in today with absolutely no brakes or how you solved a suspension problem that no one else could.


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Missed my A1 by 3 questions

well just tried my A1 and A4 today. Got my 4 and missed the 1 by 3. I was more worried about suspension than engines so that's where all my attention went. Go figure.

Hi Kyle. We moved your post to the "What's on your mind" forum since it was not an engine repair question. We hate that you didn't pass your A1 test but see you just signed-up for a 30 day account. Focus most of your attention on the A1 Untimed tests and take your time. Only take 1 or 2 tests every day. Read through and study the explanations at the end of each question. Even though you may know the answer to the question, please read the explanations because it's best to fully understand why the other three answer choices are not correct.

Best of luck on your next A1 ASE test and please let us know how you do on it.

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