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If I may make a suggestion. More of an observation actually. We as techs all ready have a very solid forum  available to us with Filled with experience and very informative forums.You may consider  a cooperation and maybe merging with that forum for more participation. Maybe a great idea to run another cooperation with the oems tech service assistance groups we dealer techs  have access to call on problem units. That kind of technical assistance should be available to all Ase certified techs weather working at a dealer or independent.  Instead of the old school method of every tech /mechanic  or shop for himself I'd like to see us get a technician  logistics and knowledge base available to everyone who has a current ASE certification were talking TSBs, field campaigns, TRPs, web based training links where applicable for the latest technology. Technology is advancing so quickly as soon as a tech leaves a dealership his skills are steadily becoming obsolete. We need the knowledge base and access to  continual oem training throuout our careers to stay current.   Also  there  are a great many of us who are to busy to play on an empty forum . I just happened to stumble onto this forum as I was checking my Ase statuses to see when I need to start my next recertification. Again just a thought. Have a good afternoon.🇺🇸

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