Electric Car Sales Up Despite Low Gasoline Prices

161C8070-7467-4082-9E2382A9647D157APALO ALTO, Calif. -- Jane Koca grinned as she stepped out of a Tesla Model S at a neighbor's ride-and-drive event, where half a dozen models were on display. Her next car, she said, will be a plug-in.

"I've been waiting," she said. "Each year, they get better and better."

The rollout of new and second-generation plug-in models that can go longer on a single charge by major automakers has ushered in what some analysts call a second era in electric vehicles. As a response, sales of plug-in cars in recent months have been ticking upward, despite low gas prices. Older models have made their way onto an increasingly flourishing used car market.

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Source: www.scientificamerican.com

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