Did you know that the majority of our customers are returning customers?

employ_ase_certifiedThat's right. Most of our customers come back time and time again to study for new tests or for their 5 year re certifications. Our customers have found that our tests do an excellent job for them of getting them ready to take their next test.

Our system delivers thousands of practice tests every week to our customers in their preferred method. Most customers are using their smart phones to take tests wherever and whenever they want. This is a trend that continues to increase over time. We understand this and ensure that our tests continue to perform flawlessly on any device our customers happen to use.

Every year we invest heavily in our business by upgrading our back end technology as well as our practice tests. This helps make our service one of the most respected in the industry.

We're proud to play a part in our customers successes and realize that every time a customer returns, they are doing so because they understand what it takes to stay on top of their certifications. The more certifications a technician has, the more likely they are to earn more money and qualify for more opportunities.

Most shops that we speak with tell us that they prefer hiring technicians who hold current certifications and the more certifications they hold, the more likely they are to be hired. They also say that they will usually hire an inexperienced technician who has passed an ASE test or two over one how hasn't passed any tests.

We've thoroughly enjoyed serving our customers for the past 18 years and look forward to the next 18. If you are a customer we thank you. If you have never signed-up, we invite you to try us out. You won't regret it! Click here to get started.

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