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(G1) Auto Maintenance and Light Repair - 117 Total Questions

G1 test includes these ASE Content Areas: Engine Systems • Automatic Transmission/Transaxle • Manual Drive Train and Axles • Suspension and Steering • Brakes • Electrical • Heating and Air Conditioning

(A1) Engine Repair - 153 Total Questions

A1 test includes these ASE Content Areas: General Engine Diagnosis • Cylinder Head and Valve Train Diagnosis and Repair • Engine Block Diagnosis and Repair • Lubrication and Cooling Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Fuel, Electrical, Ignition and Exhaust Systems Inspection and Service

(A2) Automatic Transmission - 110 Total Questions

A2 test includes these ASE Content Areas: General Transmission and Transaxle Diagnosis •  In-Vehicle Transmission/Transaxle Maintenance and Repair • Off-Vehicle Transmission/Transaxle Repair

(A3) Manual Drive Train Axles - 116 Total Questions

A3 test includes these ASE Content Areas: Clutch Diagnosis and Repair • Transmission Diagnosis and Repair • Transaxle Diagnosis and Repair • Drive Shaft/Half Shaft and Universal Joint/CV Joint Diagnosis and Repair • Drive Axle Diagnosis and Repair • Four-Wheel Drive/All Wheel Drive Component Diagnosis and Repair

(A4) Suspension and Steering - 110 Total Questions

A4 test includes these ASE Content Areas: Steering Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Suspension Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Wheel Alignment Diagnosis, Adjustment, and Repair • Wheel and Tire Diagnosis and Service

(A5) Brakes - 143 Total Questions

A5 test includes these ASE Content Areas: Hydraulic, Power Assist, and Parking Brake Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Drum Brake Diagnosis and Repair • Disc Brake Diagnosis and Repair • Electronic Brake Control Systems - (ABS), (TCS), (ESC) Diagnosis and Repair

(A6) Electrical and Electronic Systems - 122 Total Questions

A6 test includes these ASE Content Areas: General Electrical/Electronic System Diagnosis • Battery and Starting System Diagnosis and Repair • Charging System Diagnosis and Repair • Lighting Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Instrumentation Cluster Driver Information Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Body Electrical Systems Diagnosis and Repair

(A7) Heating and Air Conditioning - 110 Total Questions

A7 test includes these ASE Content Areas: Heating, Ventilation, A/C (HVAC) and Engine Cooling System Service, Diagnosis and Repair • Refrigeration System Component Diagnosis and Repair • Operating Systems and Related Controls Diagnosis and Repair

(A8) Engine Performance - 152 Total Questions

A8 test includes these ASE Content Areas: General Diagnosis, Ignition System Diagnosis and Repair • Fuel, Air Induction, and Exhaust Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Emission Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Computerized Engine Controls Diagnosis and Repair

(A9) Light Diesel - 119 Total Questions

A9 test includes these ASE Content Areas: General Diagnosis • Cylinder Head and Valve Train Diagnosis and Repair • Engine Block Diagnosis and Repair • Lubrication and Cooling Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Air Induction and Exhaust Systems Diagnosis and Repair • Fuel System Diagnosis and Repair

(L1) Advanced Engine Performance Specialist - 152 Total Questions

L1 test includes these ASE Content Areas: General Powertrain Diagnosis • Computerized Powertrain Controls Diagnosis • Ignition System Diagnosis • Fuel Systems and Air Induction Systems • Emission Control Systems Diagnosis • I/M Failure Diagnosis

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