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Ford Sees Self-Driving Vans, Drones Working Together to Deliver Food (2/28/2017) - We’ve seen plenty of self-driving prototypes intended to transport people, but we’ve yet to encounter a completely autonomous process for transporting goods directly to a customer’s doorstep. With the new Autolivery concept, has envisioned a future of self-driving vans and drones working together to achieve this goal. Not unlike something … Continue reading
The design inspiration for Lynk & CO’s first model (1/30/2017) - GOTHENBURG, Sweden -- Peter Horbury has worked on countless projects during his 40-plus years as a car designer, but he says his most recent undertaking -- bringing Geely's Lynk & CO to life -- was "incredibly challenging" and "truly unique." Horbury and his team decided that Lynk & CO's first … Continue reading
Car Review: 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE Manual (10/21/2016) - The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE is a rolling manifestation of Bruce Springsteen’s most celebratory lyrical fairy tale, the “all-American boy with a nose for trouble finds his way by means of a pushrod-V-8–powered muscle car with a weary but naturally beautiful girl in the passenger seat.” Born from the … Continue reading
Peeking Inside the GM/Ford Transverse Nine-Speed Automatic (10/10/2016) - There’s been a flurry of recent information released about the new 10-speed automatic that rivals GM and Ford have co-developed for longitudinal engines as it gets readied for production in the Chevy Camaro ZL1, Ford F-150 EcoBoost 3.5, and Ford Raptor, but Chevy’s unveiling of the Equinox provided our first … Continue reading
Pittsburgh residents get ready for driverless Uber cars (9/15/2016) - Very soon, residents of this hilly city will become the first Americans to test out Uber's self-driving car service. It is a historic moment not just for the ride-hailing company, but also for robotic cars in general. For many people, the technology will finally become a reality, one they can touch … Continue reading
Why car tech companies should look to Amazon for inspiration (7/25/2016) - The most advanced automotive tech available ahead of the arrival of fully self-driving vehicles should, ideally, be incredibly sophisticated, and completely invisible to users. So far, of all the major tech companies, Amazon is the closest to striking that balance. Computers are complicated, and one thing drivers don’t need in … Continue reading
Electric Car Sales Up Despite Low Gasoline Prices (7/18/2016) - PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Jane Koca grinned as she stepped out of a Tesla Model S at a neighbor's ride-and-drive event, where half a dozen models were on display. Her next car, she said, will be a plug-in. "I've been waiting," she said. "Each year, they get better and better." … Continue reading
GM launches new car-sharing service in D.C. (7/18/2016) - The Washington region’s car-sharing options are about to expand. Maven, a car-sharing service launched by General Motors, opens for business Monday in the District offering 40 vehicles in 10 lots scattered throughout the city. Residents and visitors can rent the cars, which range from Chevrolet Volts to Cadillac Escalades, using … Continue reading
Who Will Build the Next Great Car Company? (6/23/2016) - My brain knows that this demonstration has been carefully staged and will work exactly as planned, but the rest of my body tenses up as I step on the gas of a Ford Fusion sedan and accelerate directly toward the “parked car” in front of me. Rear-ending cars on purpose … Continue reading
As Norway Goes All-Electric, Here Are Its Top 5 Cars (6/13/2016) - With a population of just 5.1 million people, the entire country of Norway contains 40% fewer people than does New York City alone. It's not often that such a small country dominates global headlines -- but last week, Norway did it. Multiple news outlets reported last week that Norway's parliament … Continue reading
Want to Buy a Self-Driving Car? Big-Rig Trucks May Come First (5/17/2016) - SAN FRANCISCO — Imagine you are driving on a highway late at night when a big-rig truck closes in behind you. You relax because it is keeping a safe distance and seems to be obeying the speed limit. Now imagine that truck is driving itself. Despite Silicon Valley’s enthusiasm for … Continue reading
WATCH: Here’s what happens inside the engine of a Formula 1 car (5/10/2016) - If you happen to know a little bit about cars or physics - or both - you'll probably be aware that combustion engines create motion by blowing up fuel and oxygen, creating force that pushes pistons down and causes the wheels to turn. That's all well and good, but how … Continue reading
7 Tips for Finding a Reliable Used Car for the Right Price (5/3/2016) - Used cars are always cheaper than new ones, as long as you don't get stuck with a lemon. If you want a new car for cheap, the best option is a used one. Aside from the obvious price benefits, used cars are subject to lower taxes, registration fees and dealer … Continue reading
Question of the Day: Coolest factory-supercharged car? (4/28/2016) - Last week, we discussed possible engine-swap recipients for the plentiful-in-every-junkyard Eaton-supercharged GM 3800 V6 engine. The Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and Pontiacs that came with that engine from the factory were reasonably cool, of course, but when you look at all the production cars that have been available with supercharging over the … Continue reading
Why Cities Aren’t Ready for the Driverless Car (4/26/2016) - When it comes to adopting self-driving cars and trucks, the easiest part may well be building them. The far more difficult task will be maintaining our urban transportation infrastructures for autonomous vehicles to be functional, safe and practical. Consider that last year, a modified Audi completed a 3,400-mile cross-country trip, driving … Continue reading
Shell’s Project M gas guzzler concept car achieves 89.1mpg (4/25/2016) - While Tesla prepares to release its economy-class Model 3, Shell has released its design for a more fuel-efficient concept car. It’s a gas guzzler, but it does some more efficiently. Try 89 miles per gallon. The Project M was designed to be a city car. Shell reports it can achieve … Continue reading
Gallery: inside the world’s greatest car museum (4/19/2016) - The Petersen Automotive Museum stands on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, like some sort of giant spaceport. It’s a truly gobsmacking piece of architecture, and one that’s worth the visit alone. But if you make it that far, we urge you to pop in … Continue reading
Feds: Self-driving cars must be terrorist proof (4/13/2016) - In its quest to build connected and self-driving cars, the automotive industry is facing a daunting task that national security experts say is a must: Design a car that's terrorist-proof — or at least try. With 220 million Internet connected cars expected to be on the roads within five years, a national security expert visited Detroit … Continue reading
7 Ways Driverless Cars Could Fail (4/11/2016) - While I am optimistic about driverless cars, skepticism abounds about whether driverless cars can actually work and, even if they are technically possible, whether they should be allowed. In the interest of facilitating a robust conversation, I want to offer seven of the most pressing concerns. Effective decision making, as Peter … Continue reading
Tesla fans are waiting in line to buy a car that they haven’t even seen yet (3/31/2016) - Would you put down a $1,000 deposit to buy something you haven’t even seen? For fans of Tesla Motors, the answer isn’t only yes, but also that they will happily camp out for hours to ensure a favorable position on the company’s waiting list. On Wednesday, lines began to grow … Continue reading
BMW is about to make its first hydrogen car (3/28/2016) - BMW is joining a growing list of automakers investing in hydrogen-powered cars. Starting in 2020, BMW will have the components ready to begin making hydrogen cars, according to an article by Digital Trends. The automaker will first release the cars in Japan, and then will make its way to California … Continue reading
Google gives federal plan for self-driving car (3/22/2016) - LOS ANGELES — Google wants Congress to create new federal powers that would let the tech giant receive special, expedited permission to bring to market a self-driving car that has no steering wheel or pedals. The proposal, laid out in a letter to top federal transportation officials, reveals Google's solution … Continue reading
Car buyers willing to pay extra for Wi-Fi (3/17/2016) - AT&T and Ericsson, a communication technology and services company, have conducted their second annual global connected-car study. The data was gathered from customers likely to buy a car in the next three years in the U.S., Germany, Brazil, Mexico and China. According to the study, “connectivity in cars” includes wireless … Continue reading
Aston Martin is about to build the fastest car in the world (3/17/2016) - Aston Martin announced today that it has teamed up with Formula One's Red Bull Racing to create what it calls the "ultimate hypercar." Codenamed Project AM-RB 001, the new Aston will be a follow up to the limited edition, million dollar One-77 and $2 million Vulcan hypercars. The company's goal is … Continue reading
By 2022 Pretty Much Every Car Will Brake For You In Emergencies (3/16/2016) - Are you just sick to death of having to pay so much attention while driving? Sick of that tedious view out that big window above the radio? Well, you’re in luck: most car manufacturers have reportedly agreed to install automatic emergency braking systems on nearly all cars by 2022. Reuters … Continue reading

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