Why car tech companies should look to Amazon for inspiration

The most advanced automotive tech available ahead of the arrival of fully self-driving vehicles should, ideally, be incredibly sophisticated, and completely invisible to users. So far, of all the major tech companies, Amazon is the closest to striking that balance. Computers are complicated, and one thing drivers don’t need in … Continue reading

Electric Car Sales Up Despite Low Gasoline Prices

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Jane Koca grinned as she stepped out of a Tesla Model S at a neighbor’s ride-and-drive event, where half a dozen models were on display. Her next car, she said, will be a plug-in. “I’ve been waiting,” she said. “Each year, they get better and better.” … Continue reading

GM launches new car-sharing service in D.C.

The Washington region’s car-sharing options are about to expand. Maven, a car-sharing service launched by General Motors, opens for business Monday in the District offering 40 vehicles in 10 lots scattered throughout the city. Residents and visitors can rent the cars, which range from Chevrolet Volts to Cadillac Escalades, using … Continue reading

Who Will Build the Next Great Car Company?

My brain knows that this demonstration has been carefully staged and will work exactly as planned, but the rest of my body tenses up as I step on the gas of a Ford Fusion sedan and accelerate directly toward the “parked car” in front of me. Rear-ending cars on purpose … Continue reading

As Norway Goes All-Electric, Here Are Its Top 5 Cars

With a population of just 5.1 million people, the entire country of Norway contains 40% fewer people than does New York City alone. It’s not often that such a small country dominates global headlines — but last week, Norway did it. Multiple news outlets reported last week that Norway’s parliament … Continue reading

Want to Buy a Self-Driving Car? Big-Rig Trucks May Come First

SAN FRANCISCO — Imagine you are driving on a highway late at night when a big-rig truck closes in behind you. You relax because it is keeping a safe distance and seems to be obeying the speed limit. Now imagine that truck is driving itself. Despite Silicon Valley’s enthusiasm for … Continue reading