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It’s never too early to start preparing for an ASE test (5/30/2017) - The summer finds many of us very busy with vacations, outdoor activities, catching up on house maintenance or renovations. Whatever keeps you busy this summer, before long, the summer will be over and you'll be thinking about taking your next ASE test. The question is, will you be ready for it? … Continue reading
Information Overload (4/7/2017) - Today, a customer asked us why he didn't pass his A5 test when he took and passed lots of our practice tests. Upon looking at his test results, the one thing became very clear is that he suffered from what we call "Information Overload". This customer signed-up for a 10-day subscription and … Continue reading
ASE Test Prep forum user NEW! Discussion Forum just for Technicians (1/12/2017) - ASE Test Prep is very pleased to announce an exciting new feature on our website. We've just launched our new Discussion Forum that is designed just for technicians. We know there are other forums on the internet but ours is the first and only one designed around ASE certification. Our forums are … Continue reading
NEW! Gift Certificates (12/7/2016) - Just in time for the holidays, we're now offering Gift Certificates. Give the gift of ASE Certification to the Automotive Technician in your life. The gift of an ASE Test Prep gift certificate shows your support and will give your Technician a leg up towards getting their first or next … Continue reading
Did you know that the majority of our customers are returning customers? (10/21/2016) - That's right. Most of our customers come back time and time again to study for new tests or for their 5 year re certifications. Our customers have found that our tests do an excellent job for them of getting them ready to take their next test. Our system delivers thousands of … Continue reading
New for Fall 2016 (9/1/2016) - Survey of Our Customers We recently sent a survey to all of our customers asking what we can do to improve our service. As a result of this survey and using the official ASE task list as a guide, we improved the test questions in the following ways: Questions are more … Continue reading
What our customers are saying (7/19/2016) - We get so many positive comments from our customers that we thought it would be nice to show off a few more recent comments. We love hearing from our customers. Even if a customer is not happy for some reason, we are always willing to listen and to help in … Continue reading
magic hat No Magician Needed (6/20/2016) - Some customers sign-up for our practice tests and spend so little time studying, they end up not passing their ASE test and wonder what happened. There's no magic to our tests and none of the content will just show up in your brain without some effort. We provide all the material … Continue reading
Don't miss the explanations. A customer walks out of the movie early (4/4/2016) - Recently, a customer with a 30-day subscription let us know that he took and passed his G1 test but felt our tests did not help him at all. This always peaks our attention and we immediately dive-into their test scores and habits to try to determine if we can pinpoint … Continue reading
How much time does it take to complete a practice test? (2/10/2016) - Our customers ask us this question all the time. Our consistent answer is always the same. Don't be in a hurry when taking practice tests and focus on our Untimed tests. If you're in a hurry, you're going to miss valuable information. We offer both Timed and Untimed practice tests. We … Continue reading
passing mechanic How to use our tests to pass your ASE tests (1/13/2016) - Whenever a customer tells us that they didn't pass their official ASE test, we always investigate all the practice tests they took in order to try to identify a cause. Most times we find that the customer did not take enough untimed practice tests. And, they rushed through the untimed tests they did … Continue reading
Reminder notifications Subscription Email Notifications (12/30/2015) - We've just launched new email notifications when your subscription is close to expiring. Now you'll receive an email notification 5 days before and 1 day before your subscription expires. Just in case you're not quite ready to take your official ASE tests. Another way that we're here working for you to … Continue reading
Website Enhancements (12/8/2015) - We recently updated our servers and bandwidth to deliver enhanced performance and faster delivery speeds to all of your internet connected devices. We're always working on ways to improve our service and will continue to make these investments. Our goal is to deliver the best practice tests in every way … Continue reading
New Reports for Shops and Schools (12/8/2015) - Now our service is more valuable for our current and future group accounts. Our new reports make it much faster and more efficient to see if your students or employees are using the test preparation tool you've given them access to. At a glance you can see who is taking … Continue reading
New! Secure Payments by Stripe (12/8/2015) - We've just switched to Stripe® to process all purchases made directly on our website. Stripe® is one of the fastest growing and most secure online payment processing companies on the internet. This improvement now makes your checkout experience faster by not forcing you to enter any duplicate information on a … Continue reading

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