ase test day

Here is what you can expect on test day.


Go to and register to take the test(s). They are offered most days and at various times which change frequently because sessions fill up and other times and days become open.


Step 1 - Arrive at the test site prepared to take the test. Bring a photo ID and your test registration paper.

Step 2 - Before being assigned a computer on which you will take the test, the following will be performed:

  1. You will be issued a locker where you will place everything that is in your pockets except for your photo ID.
  2. You will be asked to turn all of your pockets inside out to verify that there is nothing left in your pockets.
  3. You will be asked to stand on a line with your arms outstretched and a sensor wand will be used to check for anything on your body. You will be asked to turn around and again the wand will be used to check your other side.
  4. You will then be asked to lift up your pants so the inspector can see your socks and verify there is nothing hidden in them.

Step 3 - After being checked, you will be given your photo ID and the key to the locker.

Step 4 - The inspector will ask you to sign in and wait while he/she starts the computer that you will use for your test.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The testing area is under video surveillance at all times

Step 5 - After the testing computer has been set up, you will be escorted to the computer cubical and instructed to place your photo ID on a holder and the key to your locker on the desk in front of you.

Step 6 - At this time, you click on the screen and walk through a short tutorial of what you can expect with the test. The tutorial will show you how to flag and un flag questions for review at the end of the test. You can even change the language to spanish. When the tutorial is finished the test is ready. Click start and the questions are displayed. Each test has a time limit and the time remaining is displayed on the upper left corner. The number of the test question is shown at the upper right corner of the screen such as 17/50.

HINT: If you are spending too much time on one question, flag it and go on to keep on task. The program will display and allow you to go back and answer the question you skipped if there is time remaining at the end.

Step 7 - After the last question has been displayed and answered, you will be shown a screen displaying any flagged questions. Once all questions are answered you can click to exit and you have completed the test. Exit the test area.

Step 8 - When you exit the testing area, you will be asked to sign out and show your photo ID. Your test score will be printed out, stamped and signed, and given to you before you retrieve your belongings and then you are free to leave the testing center.

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