A customer walks out of the movie early

Recently, a customer with a 30-day subscription let us know that he took and passed his G1 test but felt our tests did not help him at all. This always peaks our attention and we immediately dive-into their test scores and habits to try to determine if we can pinpoint what may have gone wrong for him.

This customer took 9 and passed all 9 G1 Timed practice tests. He took 12 and passed 9 Untimed practice tests. We always focus our attention on the Untimed test results because of the information that is included within a typical Untimed test. After reviewing his test scores, we found that he completed each Untimed test in an average of 10 minutes. Now, our Timed tests are designed for those who feel they are ready for the pressure of the Timed official ASE test. Finishing 9 Timed tests in an average of 10 minutes and passing all of them is great. However, we were talking about his Untimed test times which were far too short and raised a flag that this is where his problem is.

Don't miss the explanations.Breaking down his test times into seconds shows that he took 25 seconds per question. This time is to read the question, view the diagram/graphic that may be shown, read the 4 answers to choose from, answer the question, and review the explanation, then move onto the next question. It's apparent to us that he skipped reading and studying the explanations on each question. The explanations in our Untimed tests are probably the most important part of our ASE practice test service. Understanding why an answer is correct is important but understanding why the other 3 choices are not correct is the MOST important. Missing this information is like leaving a feature length movie after the first 15 minutes. Sure, you'll have an idea of what the movie was about, but you won't know the storyline, the characters, or how the story ended.

Don't make the same mistake this customer did. Use our tests how they were designed to be used. Don't walk out part way through and feeling lost when talking about the movie with friends or co-workers who stayed till the end.

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