Welcome to the best place on the Web to train and prepare to take your ASE Certification Tests! Since 1998, we've been empowering technicians across the country to prepare for and Pass their ASE Certification tests. We've developed our practice testing interface with your success in mind. See how our cutting edge technology sets us apart from others offering online practice tests. Our practice tests format perfectly to your internet connected device – no more being tied to a desktop computer or stuck in a book. Take practice tests wherever and whenever you want... and make the most of your subscription.

We're a proud member of the Automotive Traning Managers Council (ATMC). ATMC is dedicated to the advancement of training and professional Development within the automotive service industry.

The Fall Testing Sessions are Here!

This is your last chance this year to get some of those certification tests behind you. Registration opened September 1st and testing started October 1st. Don't let time slip away from you. Take advantage of our practice tests and prepare to pass several ASE certification tests towards your Master Technician status!


What's Happening at ASE Test Prep


Welcome Cardone Industries!

We're proud to welcome Cardone Industries to the ASE Test Prep family! Cardone has made a long term committment to providing our ASE practice tests to their technicians. Joe End, Technical Director for Cardone Industries said, " I have  been using ASE Test Prep for a few years now with great success, so when it came time to provide training for our work force, it was an easy decision to choose ASE Test Prep".

ASE Test Prep and Federal-Mogul Team Up For Success!

We're proud to welcome Federal-Mogul to the ASE Test Prep family. Federal-Mogul has endorsed and is using our tests throughout their company. Together we're providing world class training solutions to the automotive repair industry. We're offering special incentives to those who complete Federal-Mogul automotive training. Federal-Mogul will soon be launching a new and innovative website with details about their new training centers popping up around the country.


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