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ask_answer_logo_block New for Fall 2016 (9/1/2016) - Survey of Our Customers We recently sent a survey to all of our customers asking what we can do to improve our service. As a result of this survey and using the official ASE task list as a guide, we improved the test questions in the following ways: Questions are more … Continue reading
aokay What our customers are saying (7/19/2016) - We get so many positive comments from our customers that we thought it would be nice to show off a few more recent comments. We love hearing from our customers. Even if a customer is not happy for some reason, we are always willing to listen and to help in … Continue reading
magic hat No Magician Needed (6/20/2016) - Some customers sign-up for our practice tests and spend so little time studying, they end up not passing their ASE test and wonder what happened. There's no magic to our tests and none of the content will just show up in your brain without some effort. We provide all the material … Continue reading


Automotive industry stories we thought you may find interesting

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-7-15-06-am Pittsburgh residents get ready for driverless Uber cars (9/15/2016) - Very soon, residents of this hilly city will become the first Americans to test out Uber's self-driving car service. It is a historic moment not just for the ride-hailing company, but also for robotic cars in general. For many people, the technology will finally become a reality, one they can touch … Continue reading
18634357025_16d5afbc27_o Why car tech companies should look to Amazon for inspiration (7/25/2016) - The most advanced automotive tech available ahead of the arrival of fully self-driving vehicles should, ideally, be incredibly sophisticated, and completely invisible to users. So far, of all the major tech companies, Amazon is the closest to striking that balance. Computers are complicated, and one thing drivers don’t need in … Continue reading
161C8070-7467-4082-9E2382A9647D157A Electric Car Sales Up Despite Low Gasoline Prices (7/18/2016) - PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Jane Koca grinned as she stepped out of a Tesla Model S at a neighbor's ride-and-drive event, where half a dozen models were on display. Her next car, she said, will be a plug-in. "I've been waiting," she said. "Each year, they get better and better." … Continue reading

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