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Don't miss the explanations. A customer walks out of the movie early (4/4/2016) - Recently, a customer with a 30-day subscription let us know that he took and passed his G1 test but felt our tests did not help him at all. This always peaks our attention and we immediately dive-into their test scores and habits to try to determine if we can pinpoint … Continue reading
new_subscription_graphic NEW! 6-Month and 1-Year Subscription Packages (3/1/2016) - Over the years, many customers have asked us to create custom 6-month or 1-year subscriptions for them. Perhaps they own a repair shop and have multiple technicians that need to take turns using the subscription for their re certifications. Or they simply need extra time to prepare to pass several ASE tests towards their … Continue reading
question_ratchet How much time does it take to complete a practice test? (2/10/2016) - Our customers ask us this question all the time. Our consistent answer is always the same. Don't be in a hurry when taking practice tests and focus on our Untimed tests. If you're in a hurry, you're going to miss valuable information. We offer both Timed and Untimed practice tests. We … Continue reading


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QOTD+-+Blown+Studie Question of the Day: Coolest factory-supercharged car? (4/28/2016) - Last week, we discussed possible engine-swap recipients for the plentiful-in-every-junkyard Eaton-supercharged GM 3800 V6 engine. The Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and Pontiacs that came with that engine from the factory were reasonably cool, of course, but when you look at all the production cars that have been available with supercharging over the … Continue reading
Print Why Cities Aren’t Ready for the Driverless Car (4/26/2016) - When it comes to adopting self-driving cars and trucks, the easiest part may well be building them. The far more difficult task will be maintaining our urban transportation infrastructures for autonomous vehicles to be functional, safe and practical. Consider that last year, a modified Audi completed a 3,400-mile cross-country trip, driving … Continue reading
shell-project-m-concept-car-7-1 Shell’s Project M gas guzzler concept car achieves 89.1mpg (4/25/2016) - While Tesla prepares to release its economy-class Model 3, Shell has released its design for a more fuel-efficient concept car. It’s a gas guzzler, but it does some more efficiently. Try 89 miles per gallon. The Project M was designed to be a city car. Shell reports it can achieve … Continue reading

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