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moremoney_small How much can you earn being an ASE Master Technician? (5/4/2016) - According to, technicians who obtain their ASE Master Technician status can earn between $46,000 to more than $66,000. This is the median average and is also relative to the number of years experience the technician has as well as the city and state he or she is working in. No matter … Continue reading
Don't miss the explanations. A customer walks out of the movie early (4/4/2016) - Recently, a customer with a 30-day subscription let us know that he took and passed his G1 test but felt our tests did not help him at all. This always peaks our attention and we immediately dive-into their test scores and habits to try to determine if we can pinpoint … Continue reading
new_subscription_graphic NEW! 6-Month and 1-Year Subscription Packages (3/1/2016) - Over the years, many customers have asked us to create custom 6-month or 1-year subscriptions for them. Perhaps they own a repair shop and have multiple technicians that need to take turns using the subscription for their re certifications. Or they simply need extra time to prepare to pass several ASE tests towards their … Continue reading


Automotive industry stories we thought you may find interesting

17truck2-master675 Want to Buy a Self-Driving Car? Big-Rig Trucks May Come First (5/17/2016) - SAN FRANCISCO — Imagine you are driving on a highway late at night when a big-rig truck closes in behind you. You relax because it is keeping a safe distance and seems to be obeying the speed limit. Now imagine that truck is driving itself. Despite Silicon Valley’s enthusiasm for … Continue reading
480-hondaf1 WATCH: Here’s what happens inside the engine of a Formula 1 car (5/10/2016) - If you happen to know a little bit about cars or physics - or both - you'll probably be aware that combustion engines create motion by blowing up fuel and oxygen, creating force that pushes pistons down and causes the wheels to turn. That's all well and good, but how … Continue reading
Yellow 1956 Chevrolet For Sale 7 Tips for Finding a Reliable Used Car for the Right Price (5/3/2016) - Used cars are always cheaper than new ones, as long as you don't get stuck with a lemon. If you want a new car for cheap, the best option is a used one. Aside from the obvious price benefits, used cars are subject to lower taxes, registration fees and dealer … Continue reading

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