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Welcome to the best place on the internet to train and prepare to take your ASE Certification Tests! Since 1998, we've been empowering technicians across the country to prepare for and Pass their ASE Certification tests. We've developed our practice testing interface with your success in mind. Our cutting edge testing technology sets us apart from others offering online practice tests. Our practice tests format perfectly to any internet connected device – no more being tied to a desktop computer or stuck in a study guide. Take practice tests whenever and wherever you want… and make the most of your subscription.

What's Happening at ASE Test Prep!


Now Featuring Stripe® for Your Secure Online Payments

We've just switched to Stripe® to process all purchases made directly on our website. Stripe® is one of the fastest growing and most secure online payment processing companies on the internet. This improvement now makes your checkout experience faster by not forcing you to enter any duplicate information on a second screen. Faster and easier payments is just another one of the features that we strive to provide our customers with. Click here to learn more about Stripe®.

New Reports for Schools and Business Group Accounts

Now our service is more valuable for our current and future group accounts. Our new reports make it much faster and more efficient to see if your students or employees are using the test preparation tool you've given them access to. At a glance you can see who is taking our ASE practic tests, which tests they are taking, and if they are passing the tests. Instructors can assign practice tests as homework based on the lessons they are teaching. Employers can be sure their employees are ready to take their ASE certification tests before paying their test fees. Click here to see a sample untimed test report. Call to learn more.


The L1 Tests Are Changing in 2016

ASE announced that the L1 test will be changing iin 2016. We have the inside scoop on the changes and our tests will be updated and ready for you as soon as ASE implements the changes. Stay tuned!


Website Enhancements

We recently updated our servers and bandwidth to deliver enhanced performance and faster delivery speeds to all of your internet connected devices. We're always working on ways to improve our service and will continue to make these investments. Our goal is to deliver the best practice tests in every way possible.



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