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Since 1998, we've been empowering technicians across the country to prepare for and Pass their ASE Certification tests. We've developed our practice testing interface with your success in mind. Our cutting edge testing technology sets us apart from others offering online practice tests. Our practice tests format perfectly to any internet connected device – no more being tied to a desktop computer or stuck in a study guide. Take practice tests whenever and wherever you want… and make the most of your subscription.

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passing mechanic How to use our tests to pass your ASE tests - Whenever a customer tells us that they didn't pass their official ASE test, we always investigate all the practice tests they took in order to try to identify a cause. Most times we find that the customer did not take enough untimed practice tests. And, they rushed through the untimed tests they did … Continue reading
10-days for $14.99 New 10-day subscription - Over the years, many of you have suggested that our 7-day subscription was just not quite long enough and that a few more days would be great! We've listened and have just launched our new 10-day subscription to replace the old 7-day subscription. Still an incredible value for your money. For those of … Continue reading
Reminder notifications Subscription Email Notifications - We've just launched new email notifications when your subscription is close to expiring. Now you'll receive an email notification 5 days before and 1 day before your subscription expires. Just in case you're not quite ready to take your official ASE tests. Another way that we're here working for you to … Continue reading
performance_enhancements Website Enhancements - We recently updated our servers and bandwidth to deliver enhanced performance and faster delivery speeds to all of your internet connected devices. We're always working on ways to improve our service and will continue to make these investments. Our goal is to deliver the best practice tests in every way … Continue reading
sm_rprt_sample New Reports for Shops and Schools - Now our service is more valuable for our current and future group accounts. Our new reports make it much faster and more efficient to see if your students or employees are using the test preparation tool you've given them access to. At a glance you can see who is taking … Continue reading


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102771139-google-car.530x298 Google now testing self-driving cars in Washington -   Alphabet Inc said Wednesday its self-driving car project will expand testing to Kirkland, Washington later this month, the third city where it is testing autonomous vehicles. The company's Google unit has conducted autonomous vehicle testing for six years in Mountain View, California, where it is based, and it expanded … Continue reading
14544653624702 What makes a car worth $10 million? - If you purchased a new car recently, you know just how expensive they can be. As reported Tuesday, the average price paid for a new cars in the U.S. was $34,112 in January, according to Kelley Blue Book. For many that's a stunning sum that will require years and years … Continue reading
eitl7lsws8gjzidqtdgr Do Dealerships Put Fake Badges On Cars? - Despite the fact that dealers are getting better at adapting to more savvy car buyers, some lots will still resort to all kinds of tricks to deceive customers. Would they stoop so low as to put a fake badge on a car, and falsely claim the vehicle is better than … Continue reading
When It Comes to Car Tech, the Cars Are Having a Hard Time Keeping Up With the Tech When It Comes to Car Tech, the Cars Are Having a Hard Time Keeping Up With the Tech - The promise is pretty simple: We want the smart parts of our phones to work in our cars, without getting distracted by the dumb bits or by having to touch the thing while we’re driving. But it’s still uncertain whether your next car will play nicely with your next phone … Continue reading
back-to-the-future-part-ii-original The ‘Back to the Future’ Car Is Going Back Into Production - Roads? Where these cars are going, they don't need roads. DeLorean Motor Company CEO Stephen Wynne recently told KPRC in Houston that the iconic car made famous by the 1985 classic sci-fi film "Back to the Future" will go back into production for the first time in more than three decades. About 300 replica 1982 DeLoreans will be produced under a … Continue reading


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