Welcome to the best place on the Web to train and prepare to take your ASE Certification Tests! Since 1998, we've been empowering technicians across the country to prepare for and Pass their ASE Certification tests. We've developed our practice testing interface with your success in mind. Our cutting edge testing technology sets us apart from others offering online practice tests. Our practice tests format perfectly to any internet connected device – no more being tied to a desktop computer or stuck in a study guide. Take practice tests whenever and wherever you want… and make the most of your subscription.

What's Happening at ASE Test Prep

New Reports for Schools and Business Group Accounts

Now our service is more valuable for our current and future group accounts. Our new reports make it much faster and more efficient to see if your students or employees are using the test preparation tool you've given them access to. At a glance you can see who is taking our ASE practic tests, which tests they are taking, and if they are passing the tests. Instructors can assign practice tests as homework based on the lessons they are teaching. Employers can be sure their employees are ready to take their ASE certification tests before paying their test fees. Click here to see a sample untimed test report. Call to learn more.


We attended the annual ATMC conference

We attended the annual ATMC conference held in Denver Colorado the week of 4/12. We met lots of great people and had a really great time getting to know some of the awesome members of our group. We participated in some important conversations pertaining to training in our industry and ways to improve training. We're glad to be part of this group and looking forward to developing great business friendships throughout the coming years! Click here to learn more about ATMC.

The (A9) - Light Diesel Practice Test has Just Arrived!

You've been asking for it and we've been working on it. We've just added the A9 Light Diesel Test to our already amazing lineup of ASE Practice Tests! The A9 test is available on every subscription at NO ADDITIONAL COST! We're delivering more value and better options for all your ASE Test Preparation needs!


ASE Test Prep Welcomes Capital Area Career Center!

Capital Area Career Center of Mason Michigan has just purchased 25 student accounts for their automotive program. Ian Klages, Automotive Technology Instructor, hopes it will better prepare his students to take and pass their upcoming ASE tests!
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Ruby Isle Automotive Joins the Family!

Ruby Isle Automotive of Milwaukee Wisconsin has chosen ASE Test Prep to provide their technicians with our ASE practice tests. John has used our tests in the past and feels that they are the perfect tool for their needs. John loves that he gets an email notification each time one of his technicians takes a practice test. That way he knows if his team is using the tools he has provided for them.
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Welcome Cardone Industries!

We're proud to welcome Cardone Industries to the ASE Test Prep family! Cardone has made a long term committment to providing our ASE practice tests to their technicians. Joe End, Technical Director for Cardone Industries said, " I have  been using ASE Test Prep for a few years now with great success, so when it came time to provide training for our work force, it was an easy decision to choose ASE Test Prep".
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