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It’s never too early to start preparing for an ASE test (5/30/2017) - The summer finds many of us very busy with vacations, outdoor activities, catching up on house maintenance or renovations. Whatever keeps you busy this summer, before long, the summer will be over and you'll be thinking about taking your next ASE test. The question is, will you be ready for it? … Continue reading
Information Overload (4/7/2017) - Today, a customer asked us why he didn't pass his A5 test when he took and passed lots of our practice tests. Upon looking at his test results, the one thing became very clear is that he suffered from what we call "Information Overload". This customer signed-up for a 10-day subscription and … Continue reading
ASE Test Prep forum user NEW! Discussion Forum just for Technicians (1/12/2017) - ASE Test Prep is very pleased to announce an exciting new feature on our website. We've just launched our new Discussion Forum that is designed just for technicians. We know there are other forums on the internet but ours is the first and only one designed around ASE certification. Our forums are … Continue reading


Automotive industry stories we thought you may find interesting

Washington Post, New York Times talk automotive technician shortage (5/30/2017) - Two of the nation’s largest media outlets last month took a look at the skilled automotive repair worker shortage, a bit of high-profile exposure which might help convince prospective students, parents and educators/counselors to look favorably upon aftermarket careers. Both pieces offer great food for thought for collision repairers as … Continue reading
Ford Sees Self-Driving Vans, Drones Working Together to Deliver Food (2/28/2017) - We’ve seen plenty of self-driving prototypes intended to transport people, but we’ve yet to encounter a completely autonomous process for transporting goods directly to a customer’s doorstep. With the new Autolivery concept, has envisioned a future of self-driving vans and drones working together to achieve this goal. Not unlike something … Continue reading
The design inspiration for Lynk & CO’s first model (1/30/2017) - GOTHENBURG, Sweden -- Peter Horbury has worked on countless projects during his 40-plus years as a car designer, but he says his most recent undertaking -- bringing Geely's Lynk & CO to life -- was "incredibly challenging" and "truly unique." Horbury and his team decided that Lynk & CO's first … Continue reading

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